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Street Map of Marsala Hostels, Italy

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Use the interactive map of hostels in Marsala below to locate Marsala accommodation by area. You can zoom or decrease the map size and use the list on the right hand side (or click on the map pins) to see more information about each hostel.

Use our interactive map to locate Marsala hostels by area. You can view this either as a Marsala map or as a satellite image. You can also search for available hostels in Marsala, check prices, view pictures and book online with no booking fee. Some Marsala hostels may not appear on the map in their exact physical location. If you know of any hostels in the wrong place, or that don't appear correctly on the map, please contact us.
Property Name RatingThe average rating a property receives from our customer reviews. SharedA shared room (typically a dorm) is a bedroom which you share with other people from the property. The number of beds in a room is shown in the room name, e.g. ‘5 Bed Dorm’, and you can book as many as you need. Some properties have male only dorms and female only dorms. PrivateA private room is a room that is not shared with other people from the property – in other words, you book and pay for all the beds in the room. If you are traveling alone, for example, but want to book a double room, you must pay for two people in order to book the whole room.
Lilybeo Village Not yet rated 72.50   22.14
Lilybeo Village 0.00000 1 22.1400 0 0.0000 1
Hotel&Resort Villa Favorita Not yet rated 70.00   43.01
Hotel&Resort Villa Favorita 0.00000 1 43.0100 0 0.0000 1
Baglio Cudia Resort Not yet rated 65.00   37.95
Baglio Cudia Resort 0.00000 1 37.9500 0 0.0000 1
Albergo Borgo della Pace Not yet rated 62.50   50.60
Albergo Borgo della Pace 0.00000 1 50.6000 0 0.0000 1
Case Vacanze Signorino Not yet rated 62.50   25.30
Case Vacanze Signorino 0.00000 1 25.3000 0 0.0000 1
I Tramonti Sul Mare (Not Mapped) Not yet rated 62.50   37.95
I Tramonti Sul Mare 0.00000 1 37.9500 0 0.0000 1
Hotel Isola Di Mozia Not yet rated 52.50   44.28
Hotel Isola Di Mozia 0.00000 1 44.2800 0 0.0000 1
Villa Nika Not yet rated 52.50   31.63
Villa Nika 0.00000 1 31.6300 0 0.0000 1
Hotel dei Fenici Not yet rated 50.00   506.01
Hotel dei Fenici 0.00000 1 506.0100 0 0.0000 1
Villa Carlo Resort Not yet rated 50.00   41.11
Villa Carlo Resort 0.00000 1 41.1100 0 0.0000 1