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The Weather in Amsterdam

Amsterdam weather is mild and damp. In winter temperatures rarely dip below zero, and summer temperatures have highs in the low twenties. It can change very quickly, so pack an umbrella – even on sunny days, short showers can break out.


Amsterdam weather is very changeable, with mild temperatures and frequent showers. Temperatures from March to May hover around 9-15°C, and it’s generally pleasant – sunny spells where thermometers reach the low twenties aren’t uncommon. Equally, colder snaps and snow showers can happen but are rare.


Amsterdam has mild to warm summers, though rarely hot, with on average one or two days reaching over 30°C per season. Temperatures normally range between the high teens and low twenties from June to August, and short rain showers are still a possibility even on sunny days. August’s average temperature high is 22°C.


Morning mists and frost will start to creep in around mid-October, though you’re still in for some pleasant and mild days in September and early October with temperatures ranging between 11-14°C. As the cold sets in, the mercury drops to under 10°C from late October to November.


Winters in Amsterdam are mild due to the city’s oceanic climate. The city has large bodies of water on three sides and prevailing westerly winds – all which create winters that rarely see night time temperatures drop below extremes of -5°C. Between December and February, the mercury falls between 2-4°C, and lows in January hover around 0°C. Snow is a possibility, but not guaranteed.