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Travel Survey finds Latin lovers most likely to play away, and Kiwis most committed


A travel survey by HostelBookers.com has found Brazilians to be the most likely to cheat on a partner whilst away. 15.4% of Brazilians admitted to infidelity whilst on holiday, compared to a global average of just 9.9%.

The research, carried out in November 2009, asked 10,000 budget travellers about their attitude to love and sex whilst abroad.

The least faithful travellers after Brazilians were hot-blooded Italians (11.2% admitted to cheating) and Viking descendents in Denmark (10.8%). Fellow Scandinavians Sweden proved to be sticklers for fidelity, with 74.4% remaining faithful.

The travellers least likely to cheat are the Antipodeans, with 79% of Kiwis and 77.4% of Aussies claiming never to have cheated whilst travelling.

Two-timing Danes were also the most liable to have one-night stands whilst travelling. 41.9% confirmed that they’d indulged in one-off quickies, way above the global average of 31.6%. The only nation to come close was nearby neighbour Sweden (38%), whose travellers were presumably not cheating on their partners in the process. Least fond of such antics were the Poles, with 60% denying having had one-night stands abroad, followed by 56.2% of Americans.

British travellers were found to be less likely than average to cheat on partners when travelling (just 8.7%) and amongst the least likely to try one-night stands (49% spurning them). The UK was also only moderately convinced of its citizens’ sexual prowess (only 40.5% believed Britons made the best lovers).

The biggest foreign advocates of UK lovers were nearby neighbours Ireland (6.8% put the British at the top of the list), France (6.7%), Sweden (6.1%) and fellow Commonwealth members Australia (4.4%) and Canada (3.8%).

Other results from the survey found that Norwegians (53.3%) and Portuguese (52%) thought they were the best nations in bed. Americans were more modest, with just 25.1% believing their compatriots to make the best lovers.

David Smith, chief operating officer of HostelBookers, said, “It’s interesting to see that most budget travellers remain faithful when abroad, with under 10% cheating on their partners.

It’s also revealing to see what different nations think of each other’s prowess as lovers and their propensity to ‘play away.’ It’ll be a useful reference for anyone with Brazilian or Danish partners who are planning to head off on a budget break,” Smith added.

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