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HostelBookers has operated as an online travel agency for 7 years and employs over 100 people. We aim to provide customers with unrivalled service quality and value for money, which is why more than five million travellers visit our site each year. Read more about our journey.

  • No service charges or booking fees

    If you make a booking with HostelBookers, you won’t pay us a booking fee or service charge. We believe in value for money, which is why we work closely with the properties listed on our site to ensure that we get the best deals for our customers.

  • Lowest price guarantee

    Thanks to the strong relationships developed with the properties listed on our site, we are also able to offer a lowest price guarantee – find a property listed on HostelBookers.com cheaper elsewhere on the internet (for the same travel dates and booking conditions) and we’ll refund double the difference.

  • Customer Service 365 days of the year

    Should you require any assistance with your booking our friendly, multi-lingual Customer Service team is available and happy to help 365 days a year.

  • Commitment to quality

    HostelBookers staff regularly monitor property availability, pricing and descriptions listed on HostelBookers.com. Any properties receiving consistently poor customer reviews are removed from our site, to ensure that a high quality standard is maintained.

  • Secure payment

    At HostelBookers, we take payment security very seriously. Sensitive information is encrypted and protected by a Comodo Extended Validation Certificate and identity assurance warranty.

Customer reviews

  • rachel finch

    24 Apr 2015

    Great, quick and easy booking. Lots of choice. Being able to view properties on the map really, and reviews of other travellers really useful in choosing somewhere suitable. Have used hostelbookers quite a lot and never had a bad experience.

  • Connor Keogh

    24 Apr 2015

    Hostelbookers is great, haven't had any problems and they charge no booking fees.

  • Roger Payne

    24 Apr 2015

    A great selection of hotels and hostels for all budgets, and a fast and efficient service for travellers. Friends of ours always use HostelBookers.com for their accommodation needs and recommended their web site to us.

  • Michael Hayes

    24 Apr 2015

    As a large group, Alex and hostelbookers have been very helpful and critical in getting helping us to nail down an itinerary.

  • Leigh Hemphill

    23 Apr 2015

    We always find the best deals and prices through HostelBookers.com. All the places we have stayed in are always great value for money.

  • Zachary Schultz

    23 Apr 2015

    The Staff and the owners of Chilli Kiwi are super accomodating and professional, they are also really keen travellers, they will go out of their way to get you where you want to go, also booking tours is a breeze through them. Really easy to mingle with other people in the hostel and the vibe is upbeat and relaxed.

  • Colm Maguire

    23 Apr 2015

    Great location, handy to everything. No bar or craic in hotel but plenty near by. If you are happy with a basic room in a great location then this is as good as it gets. We will definitely be back if the price is right.

  • Alex Russell

    23 Apr 2015

    HostelBookers has been a very helpful tool during our travels. It often appears to offer a cheaper price than the other sites. Very easy to use :-)

  • zebrina hanly

    23 Apr 2015

    Hostelbookers is easy. I did have my card charged in euros a couple times and thought since it was an English card it would be charged in GBP leading to additional fees. It would be good if there is an easier way to switch the payment currency, espceically on tablets and laptops.

  • Sarah Koop

    23 Apr 2015

    Anytime I'm looking for a good and cheap hostel, I find one appropriate on Hostelbookers.com

  • Melissa Nolan

    23 Apr 2015

    Always use this website as it is most comprehensive, so much choice of accomodation, lots of helpful reviews and great value for money

  • Patrizia Maier

    23 Apr 2015

    Bokkings worked always well so far except one time when the hp broke down and the reservation was not transferred to the hostel, reviews are not so helpful because many oeople don't write anything

  • Andreja Kavas

    23 Apr 2015

    Note: it is wise to have Chinese translation for the bookings in China. The address and the name. On the street (or just few, barely) no one speaks English.

  • Bradley Standen

    23 Apr 2015

    I always enjoy using Hostelbookers but it seemed the booking didn't go through to the hostel correctly as they had overbooked.

  • Fotoula Tsialouki

    23 Apr 2015

    It is a very good hostel and the place is really cosy and friendly..it totally gives you the sense that you're home

  • Tobias Kern

    22 Apr 2015

    Easy to book. Lots of hostels. Good overview over a lot of hostels. Best Value. No commissions.

  • Aaron Shore

    22 Apr 2015

    Good overall. Would have been perfect had they made a quite time for the smoke area.

  • Saania Hussain

    22 Apr 2015

    Overall, OK. It wasn't clear that the 12% fee was not going to the Hostel, and we were charged the full fee (despite HostelBookers saying they take no cut...) and the conversion rate from GBP to EUR was less than favourable. As mentioned, city tax of 3.50 EUR was another inconvenience, so it ended up being more expensive than expected.

  • Niamh Nicell

    22 Apr 2015

    Very good, however the hostel had an alternate paying process where this was all done online before you arrived at the hostel, I don't think this was made clear enough by hostelbookers

  • Cesar Neri

    22 Apr 2015

    Excellent value for money. Great location to almost all points of interest in Paris. Easy to reach to and from Charles de Gaul.

  • Jonas meisenheimer

    22 Apr 2015

    Awesome very helpful because you don't have to jump site to site. You can just plug in the town and they all show up on your site.

  • Florian Schnepel

    22 Apr 2015

    Guys, your info about the amount to be paid in local currency is misleading. It was not 70.87USD because if you mention already a price which needs to be paid at the hostel, then mention the correct one which includes already the 16.5% added city tax.

  • Travis Kishel

    22 Apr 2015

    easy to set up and then manage sleeping arrangements while traveling, inexpensive,

  • Nina Granly

    22 Apr 2015

    Really laidback and nice atmosphare.. Nice staff and great location, close to beach.. The hostel is clean and i met some guest that were supposed to stay in the hostel for 2-3 days but stayed there for 1 month.. It has a great positive energy and it makes you feel like home!


    22 Apr 2015

    Well this site is very useful to whomever wants to travel abroad. I can summerize everything into one sentence. I will be with HostelBookers.com whenever I travel abroad.^^

  • Camilo arrieta

    21 Apr 2015

    Good! But I don't know why I can't put when I pick mixed dorms the number of people in males!!!

  • Felicia Baa-Adomako

    21 Apr 2015

    Everything was very easy. There were no issues with payments or booking once I got to the hotel. Very smooth

  • Edward Greaves

    21 Apr 2015

    This has not put me off using Hostelbookers.com in future. As this experience confirmed to me, however, it certainly pays to check reviews of places left elsewhere - rather than just on the site of one booking agency

  • sandra petersen

    21 Apr 2015

    From all other websites i been using, i been realising hostebookers actually giving me a better price. Its also a better layout when im serching for accomodation, because they already have the prices on front page after i searched destination and dates i will be there. Keep it up! ☺

  • Agnieszka Bieganowska

    21 Apr 2015

    Great location (very near to train station and to the airport), fantastic and friendly staff, good breakfast. I'm very glad and I'll choose this hotel again when I visit Pisa.

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