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HostelBookers has operated as an online travel agency for 7 years and employs over 100 people. We aim to provide customers with unrivalled service quality and value for money, which is why more than five million travellers visit our site each year. Read more about our journey.

  • No service charges or booking fees

    If you make a booking with HostelBookers, you won’t pay us a booking fee or service charge. We believe in value for money, which is why we work closely with the properties listed on our site to ensure that we get the best deals for our customers.

  • Lowest price guarantee

    Thanks to the strong relationships developed with the properties listed on our site, we are also able to offer a lowest price guarantee – find a property listed on HostelBookers.com cheaper elsewhere on the internet (for the same travel dates and booking conditions) and we’ll refund double the difference.

  • Customer Service 365 days of the year

    Should you require any assistance with your booking our friendly, multi-lingual Customer Service team is available and happy to help 365 days a year.

  • Commitment to quality

    HostelBookers staff regularly monitor property availability, pricing and descriptions listed on HostelBookers.com. Any properties receiving consistently poor customer reviews are removed from our site, to ensure that a high quality standard is maintained.

  • Secure payment

    At HostelBookers, we take payment security very seriously. Sensitive information is encrypted and protected by a Comodo Extended Validation Certificate and identity assurance warranty.

Customer reviews


    01 Apr 2015

    It's very Convenient for me to find a hostel around the world before I start to go somewhere, just use it to search hostel!

  • Jennifer McEntire

    01 Apr 2015

    Great, no problem whatsoever. Very easy and I liked that I only had to pay a little amount upfront.

  • Daniela Castellanos

    01 Apr 2015

    Thinking about quality and proce is reasonable. I still think they can improve :) but Alex the guy of the reception was nice and helped me to find m way woth the map

  • Christina Leutscher

    01 Apr 2015

    I love the the Grand corridors and high ceilings. Quite an amazing building, and has also a unique history. Walk to city within five to ten minutes.

  • Niger Asije

    31 Mar 2015

    I was at first a little hesitant by some of the weird negative reviews of the place but needs must and I booked it all the same. In terms of location you can't get any better and as for the hostel itself it's not luxury but a perfect backpacker hostel. Most of the guests are polite and respectful to other guests and there is a great little community set up with those staying longer. The manager couldn't have been more helpful and the place really is one I would highly recommend

  • Camilo arrieta

    31 Mar 2015

    Good, but I don't know why I cannot put 2 boys, the only option for mixed dorms is girls

  • Benoit Richer

    31 Mar 2015

    Always very useful on a round the world trip. Contact me if interested to make a partnership with my travel blog: desyeuxplusgrandsquelemonde.com

  • Jose Allan Omana Minguer

    31 Mar 2015

    I have been booking with hostelbookers for 2 years in many different countries and I almost alway have been an Amazon experience.

  • shelly sun

    31 Mar 2015

    Good comfortable hotel......would like to come back again.....highly recommended!

  • Jacek Pawlikowski

    29 Mar 2015

    Hostelbookers = Few clicks to reach the target = have nice stay in a place you want to relax/sleep.

  • alan browne

    29 Mar 2015

    Grand but get rid of that " Was HostelBookers promoted at the hostel?" question or at least include a " I didn't notice " option to answer it. What does it mean anyway? Are you asking whether or not hostels are asking people to book on your site or if they have posters up or something. It's ridiculous.

  • alan browne

    29 Mar 2015

    Good apart from asking " Was HostelBookers promoted at the hostel?" on this page. That is a stupid question. I have better things to be doing on my travels than looking out for a hostelbookers sign or something. At least include a " I don't know " or " I didn't notice " option for this question

  • Michael Hampson

    29 Mar 2015

    A range of accommodations which caters to the "older" age range as well as gap year backpackers!

  • Kelly Snyders

    28 Mar 2015

    Information is often wrong (locations on map, room prices etc...) although this is obviously the fault of the hostels. I find hostels don't like dealing with reservations through Hostelbookers, so it can often be a frustrating experience. But, prices are ALWAYS cheaper than Hostelworld, often by a significantly large amount, and so I almost always use Hostelbookers.

  • Olivia Colish

    28 Mar 2015

    Pretty easy with on line reservations and when I showed up at the hostel, they had my name and all my info.

  • Ganna Stavyts`ka

    27 Mar 2015

    Exept this last bad expreience, I haved had a nice experience with the HostelBookers in general. I travelled to the American West booking my hostels with HostelBookers.

  • James Cooke

    27 Mar 2015

    I travel a lot & always seem to find good hostels on the site wherever I travel.

  • Christian der Kinderen

    27 Mar 2015

    It would be more useful if we did not have to contact the hostel directly to make alterations to our itinerary and could be refunded deposits made.

  • Rodrigo Guadarrama Lara

    27 Mar 2015

    Easy and straighforward, what a person needs when searching for a property, no complications.

  • Jason White

    27 Mar 2015

    It's ok. Could have better policy for cancelations, reviews are inflated compared to other sites.

  • Andrew Simpson

    27 Mar 2015

    Great. I think I saved a huge amount booking early as the advertised room rate when we arrived was €300 and I only paid €85 (5 months in advance).

  • Eva Marie Hering

    27 Mar 2015

    prices should be listed in local currency and own currency to know how much the hostels will charge

  • José Alejandro tienda Ramírez

    27 Mar 2015

    So far so good! I would just add one feature to the website that in my case would be very helpful... When you select a city, you can sort all results by price, rating, etc... But just from that city. In my case, sometimes I plan my route according to hostel options so if I could sort them by country and not just city, I could see which cities in that country have the lowest prices, highest ratings, etc... And plan my travel route accordingly. Hope you can add that feature in the future.

  • Charlotte Nicholls

    27 Mar 2015

    It was good. Just that I live in Ireland and pai with my euro debit card and was charged effectively more for the deposit due to the exchange rate as you are actually charged in pounds which I wasn't aware of. I tried to contact HB through your website but no one returned my messge. Then sent an email to customer services which returned a response within a few days

  • Merinda Backway

    27 Mar 2015

    it was ok, I didn't receive my confirmation letter so had to contact for it, it was sent a few days later so ok

  • Junichiro Kikuta

    27 Mar 2015

    I choose this guest house due to location,near to museum of An Jung-geun,an Korean patriot and cleanness,good facilities like an equipped with full kitchen. I was assigned an room at basement floor. Although it didn't have room window I really felt comfortable to stay there. In the room,"Ondol",Korean floor heating system always worked well,which took me to good sleep every night. Shower room were very spacious,but may be a bit cold during winter season due to its stone walls and floor. Nissa,the only staff of the guest house was very kind and helpful. We cooked curry at a night together,and ate it midnight. I visited many places in Seoul like Myong dong,History museum,Anh chang ho memorial hall,Tapgol Park,but the dinner time was one of my unforgettable memory in Seoul. On the day of my departure,I had a coffee and some sweets with Nissa and Jinny,owner of the guest house and their friends at the living room. They treated me as a real ,old friend. This was also unforgettable memory. I'm very glad I get to know these trustable,honest people. I have a plan to visit Seoul in August. I'm sure to stay Bodeum at the time again.

  • Gray Looper

    27 Mar 2015

    Has been a great service for finding places to stay that have so far been accurate in descriptions and information. People seem to give honest accounts of the good and bad and that is nice to be able to read and make decisions based on that.

  • Melanie Davidson

    27 Mar 2015

    The currency we received our pricing in was in pounds for some reason, which when we got to the hostel was a bit confusing as they needed to convert that to either US dollars or the local currency. I am not too sure why our pricing kept coming up in pounds on our smart phones, but it proved to be a bit difficult throughout our travels

  • Amy Woodward

    26 Mar 2015

    HostelBookers has been fantastic and I will definitely use the site in future as I have another 3 months backpacking travel ahead of me from today onwards.

  • Mami Kawamura

    26 Mar 2015

    Basically it was easy and straight away. It would be much better if this booking service allows the e-ticket (e.g. Passbook)

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