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HostelBookers has operated as an online travel agency for 7 years and employs over 100 people. We aim to provide customers with unrivalled service quality and value for money, which is why more than five million travellers visit our site each year. Read more about our journey.

  • No service charges or booking fees

    If you make a booking with HostelBookers, you won’t pay us a booking fee or service charge. We believe in value for money, which is why we work closely with the properties listed on our site to ensure that we get the best deals for our customers.

  • Lowest price guarantee

    Thanks to the strong relationships developed with the properties listed on our site, we are also able to offer a lowest price guarantee – find a property listed on HostelBookers.com cheaper elsewhere on the internet (for the same travel dates and booking conditions) and we’ll refund double the difference.

  • Customer Service 365 days of the year

    Should you require any assistance with your booking our friendly, multi-lingual Customer Service team is available and happy to help 365 days a year.

  • Commitment to quality

    HostelBookers staff regularly monitor property availability, pricing and descriptions listed on HostelBookers.com. Any properties receiving consistently poor customer reviews are removed from our site, to ensure that a high quality standard is maintained.

  • Secure payment

    At HostelBookers, we take payment security very seriously. Sensitive information is encrypted and protected by a Comodo Extended Validation Certificate and identity assurance warranty.

Customer reviews

  • James Edgecombe

    27 Feb 2015

    No problem. Although it would be good to be sent the Chinese address on the confirmation, as well as the English address as taxi's do not understand the English one!

  • Johannes Mueller

    27 Feb 2015

    The advertisement that you don't have to pay fees is generally not true. Most hostels charge a lower price when you arrive and book spontaneously because they don't see any of the fees.

  • Syed Shah Hussain

    27 Feb 2015

    Very useful and easy to book with, made several booking over last two years and really found it value for money.

  • Florian Fossat

    27 Feb 2015

    Good despite for Myan mar not present enough and for Bangkok need to reveal the adresses.

  • Scott Webster

    27 Feb 2015

    Almost excellent, although sometimes there are hostel price differences between hostelbookers and hostelworld prices

  • Tony Him

    26 Feb 2015

    Used hostelbookers group booking service, and was very happy with the service. Easy to book, great choice of accommodation

  • Candice fisher

    26 Feb 2015

    I had a great experience staying at Hostel Nika, thank you to Marvin for his hospitality.

  • Carolina Aravena Martinic

    26 Feb 2015

    Generalmente bien. Pero ya me han tocado dos hostales donde la descripción que le hacen no tiene nada que ver con como es el hostel en realidad. Puras mentiras.

  • Finnavar Marino

    26 Feb 2015

    Very helpful and easy to use. Got me the cheapest and easiest to find hostel on the first try.

  • mujeeb rehman

    26 Feb 2015

    a very helpful site which describes the places of stay appropriately, without any overdo of actual facts

  • Bjørn Wabø

    26 Feb 2015

    You have to update Hostals info. In this case the pool a bacteria bomb. And fitness room was a dump, everything broken and room was used for store away broken things. The place should be shut down till they get a profesional management.

  • laura klingler

    26 Feb 2015

    It was great! Smooth and easy. Hostel is well represented and new I was coming by my booking. No searching for my booking or confusion or anything. Awesome.

  • vipin thandrai

    26 Feb 2015

    Amazing experience, i wasnt aware that it woukd be so good just for 25$. A big WoW to hostelbookers and the next backpackers.

  • Ahmet Altun

    25 Feb 2015

    I do not like the fact that, although prices on HostelBookers.com are shown in EUR, obviously the payment is made in GBP. This causes additional fees charged by any EURO-Bank. Happened the second time now - unfortunately I forgot, otherwise I would not have booked via HostelBookers.com :-( Would I recommend your service? Yes! But I would warn anybody making a payment from a EUR-country.

  • Paige Erickson

    25 Feb 2015

    I prefer this site to other travel review sites. The reviews seem to accurately reflect the spaces.

  • Aisling McHugh

    25 Feb 2015

    Really good, handy kitchen and what not, disappointed that the music was left on all night even when the bar was empty, got no sleep

  • Julie Farrell

    25 Feb 2015

    Generally it's really helpful to have a site that will do all the booking work for a large group, but paying in pounds is a total pain, we had to change the amount that everyone needed to pay us because the euro quote didn't match the cost with the exchange rate.

  • Brooks Smith

    25 Feb 2015

    Meh, just like every other hostel booking website - gets the job done no fuss, but nothing special.

  • Tan Guek Li

    25 Feb 2015

    I have been using hostebookers.com since 2012 for at least 2o countries and never messed up my booking.

  • Hiba Choueiri

    24 Feb 2015

    Fine although annoying that it automatically enters the date 2 days in advance instead of next day we ended up booking for wrong day

  • Maiglin MacLeod

    24 Feb 2015

    Great. Very clear and conventient. Love that you can see hostel reviews while viewing them all on a map.

  • Leah Anthony

    24 Feb 2015

    Hostelbookers.com was incredibly easy to use, gave a lot of detail about the hostel, and gave me the cheapest price. My only problem using it was that the price I was given online was not the same when I paid at the hostel. It ended up being about 8 euro more.

  • Lucian Ursu

    24 Feb 2015

    I'm annoyed by the fact that I have to answer questions whose answer I don't remember, like question 7 in this form. Just give me the option of saying "I don't remember". Otherwise that question is mostly useless. Also, when you ask me if the property described themselves honestly on Hostelbookers, it would be handy to link to their description, because I don't remember it.

  • Natalie Vince

    24 Feb 2015

    Good , fridge to put booze in kitchen to cook food. Basic room but had all facilities cheap as chips!

  • Yuchen Long

    24 Feb 2015

    I generally have no problem with hostelbookers but this time, my credit card was not working for the first few times I tried.

  • Joe Hunt

    24 Feb 2015

    Good, quick and gave all the right answers in terms of price, availability of reviews and guidance!

  • Benjamin Rains

    24 Feb 2015

    It does the job more quickly and efficiently than other hostel-booking websites I have tried using in the past, despite maybe a smaller choice of hostels.

  • Bruna Arce

    24 Feb 2015

    Hostel Bookers really helped me find the best acommodation, because of the very useful reviews and easy to manage website.

  • Ros Casselle

    24 Feb 2015

    An unexpectedly lovely experience. Unexpected because although other hostels are 'ok,' this one is great! I think the smaller size makes it more friendly. They also don't do block bookings and I think it makes a big difference to the atmosphere of the place. I would absolutely recommend it.

  • Rosalia Jeo

    24 Feb 2015

    Great for budget travellers, especially those who want to make friends with other travellers

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