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HostelBookers has operated as an online travel agency for 7 years and employs over 100 people. We aim to provide customers with unrivalled service quality and value for money, which is why more than five million travellers visit our site each year. Read more about our journey.

  • No service charges or booking fees

    If you make a booking with HostelBookers, you won’t pay us a booking fee or service charge. We believe in value for money, which is why we work closely with the properties listed on our site to ensure that we get the best deals for our customers.

  • Lowest price guarantee

    Thanks to the strong relationships developed with the properties listed on our site, we are also able to offer a lowest price guarantee – find a property listed on HostelBookers.com cheaper elsewhere on the internet (for the same travel dates and booking conditions) and we’ll refund double the difference.

  • Customer Service 365 days of the year

    Should you require any assistance with your booking our friendly, multi-lingual Customer Service team is available and happy to help 365 days a year.

  • Commitment to quality

    HostelBookers staff regularly monitor property availability, pricing and descriptions listed on HostelBookers.com. Any properties receiving consistently poor customer reviews are removed from our site, to ensure that a high quality standard is maintained.

  • Secure payment

    At HostelBookers, we take payment security very seriously. Sensitive information is encrypted and protected by a Comodo Extended Validation Certificate and identity assurance warranty.

Customer reviews

  • Matthew Gibb

    22 Jan 2015

    Great, but you don't have enough listings. To stay near Sepilok I had to go with Hostelworld. Also 12 percent is too much and probably leaves the customer overcharged compared to 10 percent.

  • David Olivares

    21 Jan 2015

    It was by far the easiest way to find a place to sleep. I've been traveling around Europe and as I came to France I looked at hostelbookers and found St Christopher's at first sight and booked in less than 5 minutes.

  • Anna Thulin

    21 Jan 2015

    Very easy and uncomplicated, we have already booked our next hostel with the help of your website.

  • JaColby Adams

    21 Jan 2015

    My only issue with hostelbookers is that it seems as though everytime I book a room the hostel has trouble locating it. Also if I want to change my reservation or make modifications I have to go through hostelbookers..its just very inconvient!

  • Katty bustamante Hinojosa

    21 Jan 2015

    I Chose my currency (real) and when I checked in the price was completely different. The website doesn't match to the real exchange.


    21 Jan 2015

    Was travelling single person & clld not book online for 1 never mind tho was still reas accommodation but paid for 2 as no other option

  • keith fox

    21 Jan 2015

    Hostelbookers is awesome!!. Some of the cheapest rates and most informative for sure!.

  • Joseph Groot

    21 Jan 2015

    I like the hostelbookers' sort function works. It makes it easy for me to find what I'm looking for. I've tried hostelworld and venere, and had had problems with both. I'll stick with Hostelbookers.

  • Evan McIntyre

    21 Jan 2015

    Great site..found some awesome locations in Boston and had a marvelous time. Evan McIntyre, Los Angeles, Bam-Radio.com Owner Podcast Radio DJ

  • Daniel Rodriguez

    21 Jan 2015

    Good but the qualification that exists on the page is higher than the one in hostelword which in my opinion is more accurate

  • Britta Castor

    20 Jan 2015

    It is really good that you can compare the available Hostels, sometimes the information provided is not up to date. E.g. free WiFi etc, which are criteria for searching a hostel. A nice surprise though once you arrive

  • Milagros Merega

    20 Jan 2015

    The manager of the hostel couldn't find our reservation because of problem with the reservation system. I was desperate, because I had nowhere to sleep, so I send an email to you. You respond my email a week later, if I would stayed waiting for your response I would have been sleeping in the beach...

  • Christiane Burkhard

    20 Jan 2015

    I liked the hostel. The location is a bit amiguous, you have to walk up a hill - but you get rewarded by a nice view over the lake :-).

  • Zac Lowth

    20 Jan 2015

    When I arrived they had no record of my booking and put me and my girlfriend in another hostel for one night? The other place was terrible, Deco Walk Hostel. There was room for us after this first night.

  • Ricardo Ota

    20 Jan 2015

    One of the best site to book the hostels. Could have some raking guide such as hoscar.

  • David Janke

    20 Jan 2015

    Really good overview of all the available Hostels in a city. With the rating system and the commentary section one can immediately see which Hostel is the best for oneself.

  • Michael Courtney

    20 Jan 2015

    HostelBookers.com made it quick, easy, clear and concise when we made our booking. All details were presented in front of us with absolute clarity. There were no questions unanswered.

  • Rados?aw Urowski

    20 Jan 2015

    I used this page first time, it is fantastic - there is no problem to book a room, find the most appropriate hostel - it is very easy to use!

  • Susanna Arkosi

    20 Jan 2015

    I use it every time i need to find accomodation for my travel and it is an easy and trustful page.

  • Drew Layton

    20 Jan 2015

    We had a good experience using this website. It was fairly simple, which was important for us since traveling can be stressful as is.

  • Klarrisa Frank

    20 Jan 2015

    Hostelbookers has always helped me find a great deal. I haven't experienced any issues yet and don't plan to!

  • Heather Kelly

    20 Jan 2015

    I've used hostelbookers many times. Usually it's good. This place however was bad. And there were way more places available on arrival vs what hostel bookers said there was.

  • Kayleigh Stokes

    20 Jan 2015

    Very good - cheaper prices for hostels and gives all the information you need about each hostel

  • Jo Jo

    20 Jan 2015

    Vey easy to find hotel on the hostelbooker.com.All the hotel on hostle have best price

  • Maurizio Foiadelli

    19 Jan 2015

    generally very positive due to the position and the room was quite clean , however lack of hygiene in common areas (Kitchen included).

  • Erick Santillan

    19 Jan 2015

    payment an reservation are easy and places that are listed on the webpage have always the best deals you can get.

  • Jaime Tutbury

    19 Jan 2015

    Excellent. We have used them all through our trip in the UK and Europe. They are reliable and only a deposit is needed. We accidentally double booked and had to cancel, they replied to our email straight awày and cancelled one booking without hassle. Highly reccommend this site.

  • Bernard Krüger

    19 Jan 2015

    Very informative with widespread, worldwide accomodation offers. Booking is easy & every booking over the past years was successful.

  • Denise Ferreira

    19 Jan 2015

    As always, very friendly and helpful. Just one problem. when booking a hostel very prompt, but to change or make amendment to a booking a bit slowly, So one needs to keeping calling and inquiring, which it was a bit annoying.

  • Debbie Ngo

    19 Jan 2015

    This is not the first time I've used hostelbookers and it's always a joy. So easy. Highly recommended.

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