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Thank you for your interest in HostelBookers.

For more information about working with us, please visit the property sign up, affiliate sign up or link to us pages.

Before you send us an email, please have read the frequently asked questions and answers below. They may help to clarify your query and save you from having to wait for a reply from our Customer Service Team.

How can I change or cancel my booking?
If you would like to make any changes to, or cancel your booking, you should contact the property directly. You’ll find their contact details on your booking confirmation email.

Any change to your reservation will be subject to the property’s availability and booking conditions.

Cancellations should be made at least 48 hours before your arrival date, unless it specifies otherwise on the property's profile page. Please remember, we're unable to refund the down payment which you have already paid, unless you have taken out Payment Protection and cancel on time. 

For more information, please refer to our Help section or contact us by email.
I have not received my booking confirmation. Can you resend it?
Yes, please email us with the following details: the full name you used when booking, the name of the property you booked, your booking reference number and the date of arrival.
I purchased Payment Protection and need to cancel/amend my booking. What do I need to do?
You must email the property (you'll find the email address on your booking confirmation) and HostelBookers before the 'Latest Day of Cancellation' (this appears on your booking confirmation). Please remember that Payment Protection does not cover you for partial cancellations and amendments.
Can I make a booking by phone or email?
Bookings can only be made online. To make a booking you'll need to use the search field above. Simply enter your preferred dates and the destination that you wish to travel to.

When you conduct a search on our website, we'll provide you with a list of available accommodation for your chosen destination and travel dates.

Please note, some accommodation providers may require you to have a MasterCard or VISA card in order make a booking.
What is the down payment and who charges it, HostelBookers.com or the property?
This payment is to secure your booking and will be deducted from the total balance of your stay. Upon arrival you 'll have to pay the remainder of your balance only. Please note that this payment is not refundable unless you take the Payment Protection insurance. In addition, the property might take extra measures to guarantee your booking via pre-authorization or advance charges. Information regarding this can be found on the property's profile, which we invite you to read carefully.
How do I make a group booking?
If you wish to book for more than 20 people, please submit a request via our group booking facility.

If you wish to book for less than 20 people, you can do so by using the search field above. Please make sure you read the full profile of the property (specifically the Overview and Important Information), as some do not accept group bookings via the website.

Please do not process a group booking, even if the website allows you to do so, if the Important Information indicates that there are group restrictions.
Why is my payment card not working?
Make sure that you have entered all the digits of your payment card number correctly, with no spaces in between them. Please check that your expiry date and security code are also entered correctly.

If you are still experiencing problems with booking on our website you may want to contact your payment card provider.
How can I get in touch with a hostel?
You will receive the contact details of the property when you make a booking. These will also be listed in your booking confirmation email. You can ask the property directly for any further information that you might need.

If there’s something important which you need to know before you make a booking, please let us know which property you wish to contact and we'll try to help you.
How do I arrange airport transfers?
Some properties offer this service, some do not. If you require an airport transfer, please contact the property directly via the contact details on your booking confirmation email, to find out if this service is offered.
Do hostels have age restrictions?
Yes, some hostels do have age restrictions. Most of the properties clearly display information regarding this on their profile which we invite you to read carefully.

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