Travel Sex Lives Laid Bare: The Juiciest Travel Sex Secrets

Back in January we asked our travellers and backpackers to reveal their naughtiest holiday romance stories (here’s a little reminder for you that don’t remember). Over 11,000 males and females spilled the beans, telling us what they like to get up to when they’re away. Now it’s time to reveal all with Travel Sex Lives Laid Bare, giving you the juiciest sex secrets of today’s traveller.

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Travel Sex Lives Laid Bare


How do your travel sex stories compare? Are the results a little too naughty or do your wild experiences make these results just look tame? Let us know and share you stories in the comments below…

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49 Responses to “Travel Sex Lives Laid Bare: The Juiciest Travel Sex Secrets”

  1. Daniel Crudge Reply

    Going from both personal experience and the stories I’ve heard from countless people, I’m really surprised the dorm sex stat was so low…

  2. People are so hammered during dorm sex there is no ‘getting caught’. Just people burying their heads under pillows until it stops haha. ( ahem so I’m told..)

  3. the dorm sex number is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy off I worked in a hostel and there was definitely a lot more going on than people want to admit, cheeky fuckers 🙂

  4. Dorm sex is way off! After doing it myself, I woke up to a dorm full of people sharing the bed with clothes and passports all over the floor.

  5. Walkie Talkie Reply

    The dorm sex is soooo rampant that nowadays it just seems “normal” to do it and many hostel’s turn a blind eye on it.

  6. I’m Irish, my new girlfriend is Russian and we met online and have rendezvoused 3 times in very romantic settings so glad to see we made the top of the list for hottest nationalities……..I wasn’t surprised because I agree with the results!
    BTW I’m going to ask her to marry me!!!!!

  7. Dorm sex is disgusting. Seriously, no one wants to hear two below-average looking drunks having bad sex they’ll regret in the morning.

  8. Mile High clubs not as good as it’s made out to be! Speaking from experience it was just not pleasant as the toilets are to small and everyone waiting in the queue knew what you were up to.

  9. Yes , I think Many girls interested in sex in the hostel . When they travel ,they need sometime good sex . In Agra I stay in friends Paying Guest House there is boy call Yusuf , I had very good with him . He worked their . If some one looking so go please and enjoy it in Agra .

  10. I’ve slept with 5 women on my last European trip, 2 Germans in Frankfurt, one Canadian in Amsterdam and one local of Amsterdam. The last two were in a private hostel room. Oh and a lovely gal in the red light district. This was a 12 day trip. 😉 So much fun; what is travel without sex?!

  11. I forgot the number of times I heard people having sex in dorms while I was trying to sleep.. I was so surprised to experience how they could do it so silently… 🙂

  12. I am going in September 2014 and looking forward to having fun in Ibiza, UK, Germany, Paris and Amsterdam

  13. Brandon Vlasak Reply

    39% of Chinese said no to protection? I believe that number to be a lot higher… I’ve dated some chinese gals an none seemed to care about protection at all.. in fact it seemed to be a bit of a turn on for them sleeping with a white guy and being unprotected 😉

  14. dorm sex is happening everywhere!!!I was in Cadiz and my room was full of college boys and girls…So you can imagine what happened that night!

  15. I had loads of sex in Spain Italy and Germany one session in Italy lasted 3.5 hours until my wrist gave in and the time ran out on the porn Chanel. Gutted !

  16. I have spent over 600 nights in hostel dorms in the last six years and I have only experienced couples having sex in dorms 3 times! How come so different from previous posts? Quite a few nights were single gender dorms (not that that is a big deterrent! ) and a good 50% has been in China….but that’s where the 3 instancies were. So why has my (non-involment experience been so low? I’m not sure but I’d guess that in China the hostellers are more serious ‘travellers’ and couples can afford privates, while in the core Euro cities and the Australian East Coast circuit there’s a stronger partying attitude and privates are pricey.

    I wish I could claim to have added to the statistics but as an oldie the opportunities are fewer and with money in my pocket I quickly upgrade when they do occur! On the other hand if you include personal sex, then I admit to ‘most nights’. As to burying my head under the pillow: nah, it’s no more a problem than all the other interruptions that occur in a typical dorm and as an oldie I just think to myself, ‘goodunya’, enjoy it while you can. but if it goes on toooo long then a polite cough is appropriate. (Whereas chronic snorers…..well, just what can you do???).

  17. too busy to comment but the issue is serious. I couldnt believe in dorm sex till i saw it myself in Italian hostel. i couldnt sleep. they were more than four naughty people and it was dark. I understood they purposely annoyed me. lol. after few minutes i found myself among them and holding one of them haha. i was shocked when i found out that i was the only guy among 4 girls. it was a disaster

  18. When I went to SouthAmerica I had fun with a local guy from Bolivia in the public toilet of the Hostel in La Paz… first we started having action in the public room to watch movies and we end our moment in the toilet LOL
    It was very sexual, the hostel was quiet so…

  19. Haha agree that dorm sex is way higher. When I worked up in the mountains I was in a 6 bed dorm for 4 months and it wasn’t rare that 10 people would “sleep” in the dorm, shagging at the same time! Good memories!

  20. Dorm see has to be higher than that. I was in Australia for 2years and it was quite a regular thing for dorm sex. And coming up with new ways to stop the bunk bed from shaking so the person above up wouldn’t know. Haha

  21. Even taking account for the fact that 10% of people are homosexual, that still does not account for the fact that there are significantly more one night stands experienced by men than by women. I smell a little bit of under reporting…

  22. Expected dorm sex to be higher with the majority, fact is it happens more than those stats say.
    Also in terms of hardest to get I think Japanese women. Not only the language barrier, but a social one also, which is a shame as the majority are stunning. Easiest for a Brit I think is American (not being stereotypical), but I asked 5 American girls and they all said the British accent was a turn on, brownie pouts, whatever you want to call it.

  23. british men aren’t hard to hook up with at all haha but these charts were hilarious, loved them. and a lot of men go for the colombian girls, that’s a fact.

  24. ¡”Always uses protection” maxes out at 80%!
    There must have been more than a few bambino backpackers born from this cohort….

  25. Love the results… never knew there is more to do apart from kissing within Dorm room 😛

    next time will keep in mind…

  26. I walked into my last hostel and as soon as i walked in the door i was asked the question by everyone in the room…If I thought it was fine to have hook up with “someone” there even if i had someone back home.. You may be surprised at what your faithful partners answers were!! I wont say what mine was! The kicker was i had come from one hostel after another where i either couldn’t sleep due to unsaid reasons here or had actually seen (and heard) people hooking up. These places are hotspots!

  27. Everyone is right, dorm sex is pretty rampant. My worst experience was hearing a 3 way going on with only bed sheets covering them. And it wasnt kinky, it was annoying ;).

  28. Animals! Wow people are fucking disgusting, fornicating publicly in shared accommodation like two dogs in a kennel.

    Am I the only person that thinks its tragic to see such a careless attitude towards having multiple sexual partners that you DON’T EVEN KNOW anything about them or their history?!

    Meanwhile the divorce rate keeps climbing and almost everyone I know has herpes or some other STD. I hate my generation.

  29. I started travelling in south america in the 90’s and there were no other anitipodeans there. S.A was expensive to get there and thus I was a novelty with the local girls. Brazil was outstanding for an aussie like me. There were no hostels as such but sex was on tap for me where ever I went.

    sounds like the previous poster steph is a bit tense and perhaps religious.

  30. Steph: YOU ARE THE ONLY COMMENT THAT RESTORED MY FAITH IN HUMANITY..thank you for showing me there are still some human beings in this world..just reading the rest of the comments makes me feel humans behave like dogs in a kennel..just like you said..shame on this generation..i wish i lived somewhere pure and clean..where sex is about love..not lust..disgusting youth..i hate to be part ot this generation

  31. and pack…sounds like you are a little bit promiscuous and lack some morals and values..if you can’t live up to being a real human being..stop bad-mouthing those who could.

  32. polish womans on 2nd place? slightly differrent with russian womans but hudge in real life 😛
    By couple of months I was work in party hostel. Basically on every night shifts I could watching sex on CCTV in public spaces in hostel or guests came at the reception desk borrow an ear plug cause of noise having sex somebody else in theirs dorm. Crazy and such a good time 😀

  33. Budapest was out of control! Everyone there was having sex! There was a 3way in my room on the first night while I was passed out hahaha. There were also people trying to tee up a mass orgy with an orgy sign up sheet haha! There were multiple condom dispensers in the hostel too. Practice safe sex guys! Peace.

  34. SERIOUSLY people thought British and French were hard to get?? In my experience they’ve been some of the easiest (no judgment – good times all around).

  35. I’ve travelled all around the world 34 countries to be exact. I’ve shagged countless times over the last 8 year’s in hostel dorms. My best experience with this was 3 girls in a week at a hostel in Miami it seems the sun & the sand and beautiful ocean made every one horny come the night time. P.S I’m Aussie :).

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