Winter Sun on a Budget


Long associated with the jet set and luxury resorts in the Caribbean, winter sun holidays don’t have to be all about cocktails and exclusive hotels…

In fact, it can be quite easy to find sun, sea and sand on a budget during the winter, away from the premium prices and expensive flights of the tourist high season.

Here’s six top winter sun destinations perfect for travelers hoping to escape the winter weather without breaking the bank.


Just south of Spain, Morocco combines the accessibility of Europe with all the exotic intrigue of Africa. Wander around the crumbling, romantic cities and enjoy the pleasant winter temperatures on the long Atlantic coastline.

Average winter temperature: 21 °C

Daily sunshine: 7.5 hours

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The Dominican Republic

If you’re looking for glamour and relaxation, you can’t get much idyllic than the Dominican Republic. Away from the high prices of Antigua and St. Lucia, it’s surprisingly affordable, with the same excellent diving and white sandy beaches which draw visitors to the other Caribbean islands.

Average winter temperature: 29 °C

Daily sunshine: 8 hours

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Goa, India

Cheap, laid-back and beautifully tropical, Goa is a notorious backpacking mecca of quaint fishing villages and colorful markets. You won’t find talk of the credit crunch here; just sparkling seas by day and a hot party scene by night.

Average winter temperature: 30 °C

Daily sunshine: 9 hours

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Just outside the pricey Euro-zone, Turkey is set to be more popular than ever with travelers this year.  Whilst not as hot as Goa or the Dominican Republic, there’s still plenty of sunshine in the south of the country to make its coastline attractive all year round.

Average winter temperature: 17 °C

Daily sunshine: 6 hours

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Mystery, culture, ancient history… Egypt certainly isn’t short of things to see and explore. With the excellent diving of the Mediterranean and Red Sea, Egypt makes a great destination for both beach and city lovers.

Average winter temperature: 25 °C

Daily sunshine: 9 hours

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Ibiza, Menorca and Majorca (The Balearic Islands)

Although this small cluster of Spanish islands stranded in the Atlantic Ocean may have a reputation for ultra-hedonistic summer partying, they make great budget retreats during the winter. The weather can be a tad windy at times, but very cheap prices and a peaceful atmosphere make up for it…

Average winter temperature: 17 °C

Daily sunshine: 6 hours

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