Naples Nightlife: Places and Districts to Go Out in Naples



Travelers looking for a quiet evening after a hard day’s sightseeing in Naples may well be dismayed; the city is as bustling and manic at night as it is by day. But this is great news for those looking to party into the early hours!

Naples can boast some fine examples of that enjoyably cheesy Italian specialty – the ‘disco-bar’. And the first stop should be the narrow alleyways of the ‘centro storico’, which are full of some fantastically seedy places that are part bar, part club.

Over to the west of the quarter near Via Toledo, the Via Cisterna dell’Olio has some small but extremely lively venues. There are a number of places on Via Paladino (just to the north of one of the university campus buildings) which fill up with the city’s large student population.

The dei Martiri, Amedeo and San Pasquale piazzas all have plenty of places to choose from. The concentration of excellent bars on and around Piazza Bellini, meanwhile, spill over with the city’s preening cool set and also sometimes feature good live music.

Many of the top establishments in the city shut up shop from June to September when the nightlife scene tends to decamp to the resorts of Miseno and Bagnoli. Here, clubs open every year along the beaches to cater to the throngs of clubbers from the city.

Night owls in the city at the height of summer shouldn’t despair, though. On stiflingly hot nights, the party simply spreads out under the stars in the Piazza San Domenico Maggiore (off Via del Sole) and the Piazza del Gesu Nuovo (off Via Benedetto Croce).

For something approaching a relaxed evening, the ‘enotece’ (wine bars) of Chiaia are the places to make for. There’s no guarantee, however, that these won’t be full to the rafters with noisy locals eating, drinking and generally having a good time!

But that’s Naples. The city may not quite have the sophistication of some other Italian cities, but nor does it pretend to. Irrepressibly loud, boisterous and with a real passion for life, a night out in Naples reveals a city that’s happy just the way it is.

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