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Traveling with a Laptop

In this day and age, technology can be very handy - even on the road. With more and more hostels offering free WIFI, laptops can be of great use when traveling. You can manage photos, stay in contact with home, research a destination, or even keep up with the occasional bit of work - without ever having to track down an interent cafe.

However, before setting off with your expensive laptop, there are a few issues to conside:


There are nine different power plugs in use around the globe, so a multi-converter for your laptop's mains power is definitely a necessity! Or, if you're heading just to one country, it's easy to find out which adapter you'll need.

There are also a total of 39 telephone jacks in use worldwide and you'll need a telephone adapter to handle each of the phone jacks where you plan to travel in order to use the internet, unless you have an inbuilt wireless connection.


Wherever you are, the biggest issue with a laptop is physical security. When moving from place to place, keep it in sight at all times. Don’t put your laptop in with your other luggage, as it won't be treated as a fragile item! It's best to take it as hand luggage on a flight or bus journey, although try not to store it in an overhead area where it could get bashed around.

At an airport, letting your laptop go through the x-ray equipment will not cause any harm. Metal detectors, however, can be damaging so you can politely request that security or customs officers perform a hand check, rather than use a metal detector.

In terms of online security, check password and log-off procedures for sensitive websites (such as bank accounts) to ensure the account is always closed and such details can be accessed by others.


One last thing to remember is to keep the original receipts and customs documentation when returning home, as the onus is on you to prove you did not purchase the laptop whilst traveling - and hence be liable for duty or taxes.

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