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Guide to World Studies

Just knowing there are different lands and peoples in the world does not give us the insight we need to understand them. Unless we are able to travel the globe, most of us have no idea how other people in the world live or the nuances of their specific cultures. This is where world studies come in; it allows for an analysis of the economic system, the historical setting, and institutions of the countries globally. Through the study of indigenous peoples, one can gain a better understanding of their world views, social system, religious beliefs, the conflicts of their region, their interrelationships, and how those cultural factors have influenced them.


Fordham - African history sourcebook – History, origins, Egypt, Ancient Africa, other religions of Africa, societies, slavery and more.

Human Rights Watch - News, working plans, publications, multimedia and commentary.

Harvard - Map of Africa - with places, map layers, how to use guide and links to news and other information.

PBS - Explore different regions, Africa for kids, teacher tools, resources, and more!

African Cultural Center - Environments and geography of Africa.

World bank - Information on the country, news, events, data and statistics, reports, development and projects.

Museum of African Art - Exhibitions, education, events, publications and images.

Stanford - The politics and government of Africa, south of the Sahara.


Asia News Network - News, business, life and quirky reports.

Wetlands - Ecology of Indonesia’s peat-swamp forests.

United Nations - Local Government in Asia and the Pacific

Columbia University - South and Southeast Asian studies – Government and politics.

Asian Art - For Asian art appreciation. Chinese brush paintings, watercolors, lacquer-oil-acrylic and wood block prints.

Asian Info. - Asian history timeline by country and region

World Atlas - Printable map with time zones, continent size, population and other pertinent information.

Asia Society - Policy & politics, arts & culture, business & economics, education, countries & history.


Inter Rail - Maps of Europe’s railway system and links to other European maps.

Europa - The official web site of the European Union.

History World - Histories, prehistory, timelines, quizzes and other information on Europe.

S.E. European Politics - Lists of political articles in PDF form.

Web gallery of art - A virtual museum and searchable database of European painting and sculpture.

Library of congress - Government, politics & law of central and Eastern Europe

European Ecology - The science of ecology in Europe.

European Environment Agency - Article regarding the Alps and their role in sustaining the people.

Latin America

U of Washington - Latin America history resources.

Virtual Library - International Affairs resources.

Latin American History - Latin American history research resources for high school and college students.

Latin American Studies - Links to countries and articles of Latin America.

Francisco de Goya - Learn about the art and contribution of Francisco de Goya, an influencial artist during the Spanish Rococo Era.

U of Texas - Latin American Government Documents Archive

Minnesota State U - Interactive map shows the main bio-cultural areas.

Nature Serve - Ecological Systems of Latin America and the Caribbean

Middle East

Department of Entomology - References and discussion on selected Middle Eastern environmental issues.

Global Perspectives - Political, Geographical, physical and environmental information.

Mid East - Israel and Palestine: Middle East Historical and Peace Process Source Documents.

Middle East Forum -Articles and writings by the forum, including; politics, money, and policy

Ohio State - Middle East history with maps, articles, biographies, glossary, military and timelines.

Arts on the Web - Art and artists of the Middle East.

Eco Peace - Ecology of the Dead Sea, Jordan River, mountains and other waterways.

Global Policy - Documents and articles about the conflict over water


University of Oregon - Natural Resources in the Colonial Areas of Mediterranean World

Think Quest - Ancient Mediterranean history.

Metropolitan Museum - Eastern Mediterranean art, 2000–1000 b.c.

History World Intl - Kush And The Eastern Mediterranean - The Rise Of Civilization In The Middle East And Africa

Oxford - Egypt - Country Profile

Interactive Ancient Mediterranean - an on-line atlas of the ancient Mediterranean designed to serve the students in classics, ancient history, geography, archaeology and related fields. 

Business Med - Business, resources, articles and figures.

University of Wisconsin - Mediterranean or Dry Summer Subtropical Climate

North America

Cabrillo College - Native Peoples of North America: History and Culture

Sweetbriar College - Art history resources – Art of the Americans

Carleton College - Centre on N. American politics and Society – Media and Internet resources.

Michigan Library - Government Documents, collections, databases and guides.

Commission for Environmental Cooperation - Reporting on the State of the North American Environment

Portal for N. America - Teaching resources, links, and natural resources articles.

University of Illinois - Maps of North America historical to current

Journey North - Resource Maps - Climate, Weather and Other Variables to Explore


World Map - South Pacific Islands map

ESCAP Virtual Conference - Tourism in the South Pacific

Tonga - Pacific Folk Lore – Tales and stories of the Pacific islands

Map of Australia - Overview of country with ability to zoom into individual areas.

One World - Australian Aboriginal art

Australian government - Australia in brief Ancient heritage, modern society

Australian History - Ancient (pre 1788), colonization, post federation, information and activities.

Parliament of Australia - House of Representatives, education, committees, departments, bills and senate.


Russian Federation - Links to resources, federal and regional institutions, municipal institutions and political parties.

Russian Revolutions - The Russian Revolution of 1905.

Spartacus Educational - The Russian Civil War 1917.

NY Public Library - Posters, and materials from Russia's civil war.

Auburn University - Russian Art-images of the artwork and name of creator.

US Dept. of State - Links for the Russian Federation including U.S. relations.

CIS Countries - Map with Commonwealth of Independent States countries highlighted and named

International Monetary Fund - Economic Performance and Trade in the CIS


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